Gretchen's Take: Would better schools help in Baltimore?

So I and other writing editorials are asking this question -- what might happen to these inner city kids if they actually had better schools and maybe even school choice?

According to the US Department of Education only 16 percent of the 8th graders in the Baltimore city public schools scored at or above grade-level proficient in a national reading test. Only 13 percent scored at or above grade-level in math. Lower than the Maryland averages, Lower than the national public school averages.

But its probably not for lack of spending. The Baltimore city public schools spend $15,287 a year on each student. As Terence Jeffrey writes in an editorial today, maybe a better choice for those kids would be just that .. choice. A voucher system where they could use that 15-grand to choose where they want to go to school. But .... what are the chances of that happening.