Gretchen's Take: So how do the voters actually feel about requiring ID to go to the polls?

Back to voter identification laws and how the American people feel about having to show and ID to vote in this country. In the most recent poll done by Fox in May of last year ... the results were overwhelming.

With 70 percent thinking the voter ID laws are needed to stop fraud, only 27 percent say the laws are unnecessary and discourage legal voters from voting. Interesting that didn't change much from when the same question was asked in April of 2012.

It's also interesting to point out that this issue of course breaks along party lines but not as much as you might think.

Fully 91 percent of Republicans think voter ID laws are important to prevent illegal voting. But views among Democrats are more divided: 55 percent say the laws are needed, while 43 percent disagree. And For Independents, 66 percent think the laws are needed vs. 30 percent don't.

That Independent number I think is the most interesting since arguably most elections are decided by the Independents. Maybe arguing against voter ID laws is not the way for any candidate to go if they're looking for the majority of the "I" vote.