Gretchen's Take: Al Qaeda's eerie job application

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As we continue to sift through the 103 documents released today from Osama Bin Laden's compound, it's fascinating to see how the Al Qaeda leader was living his life in the Pakistani compound -- what he was reading -- what he was watching -- even his relationships with his wives and his children.

But one really weird thing stands out too with regard to Al Qaeda recruitment. Turns out the Al Qaeda recruitment form looks a lot like any other job application -- at least at the beginning.

Questions like:

List your previous occupations. Have you been in jail or prison?
Do you have any chronic or hereditary diseases?

Then it gets more Al Qaeda-ish ...

Have you ever joined the Afghanistan theater?
Are any of your relatives in the jihad theater?
Do you wish to execute a suicide operation?
Who should we contact if you become a martyr?

The most sickening part though is the last line. "Praise Allah, Lord of all Worlds". Nope, not really at all. There is no God that would ever condone any act of terror.