Gretchen's Take: Advice for "Getting Real"

The name of this show is "The Real Story" so today here a few of my thoughts on what it means to be real:

Getting real means finding self-esteem from the inside out. I was a fat kid, so I couldn't rely on my looks for self-esteem. Instead, I had to develop it from the inside, based on who I was as a person and the wonderful gift of music I had been given.

Getting real means never letting anyone else tell you who you are. I'll never forget the look on the face of the Stanford dean when I told her I was "stopping out" to run for Miss America. "That's absolutely the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," she said. I didn't bother trying to explain my motivations. The real point is I had a right to make them, no matter what anyone thought.

Getting real means giving life your all. Work hard for everything. Today, I don't tell my children, "Maybe you'll get lucky." I tell them to give it their all.

Getting real means giving back. life is more important than just our own day to day activities.

We all need to figure out what it means for each of us to get real to live the best "real" lives we can!