Welcome to the world of us vs. them. Where a profit-seeking media creates new targets to replace old ones. The goal: to pit two camps against each other as they back one, and demonize another. 

So it’s like Yankees vs Red Sox. Ali vs Frazier. Brian Stelter vs a foot-long hoagie. The media's done this to the religious, to Republicans, to Trump supporters, to flyover country - often pitting their elite activist class above these groups, where they happily punch down like a street thug wailing on an 80-year-old Asian woman.

And now they have a new villain, it’s one they've demonized, knowing it does more harm and no good, but it’s how they afford the alimony. Yes, the lab-created battle in the media octagon, is the vaxxed vs. the unvaxxed. Yeah - sex and gender can’t be binary but the vaccine debate sure can.

In this artificial construction - it's the sub-intellect rubes who aren't getting vaxxed, and the highly intelligent over-educated coastal elites who are. But the facts - like a hollow point bullet hitting a pumpkin - blow holes in their skeevy narrative.

So who's not vaxxed? It turns out, roughly half the employees at key city public safety agencies, in New York. Those aren't Fox viewers, Ms. Behar.

Add that to the 50 thousand illegal immigrants released into the US - but they don't count right - cuz they didn't vote for Trump.

The us vs them narrative falls apart even more, when you really look at who’s not being vaxxed. Then they suddenly become Republicans, Democrats, Blacks, Whites, the poor, the young and the middle class. A group as diverse as Geraldo’s ex-wives.

And the bifurcation that CNN pushes disappears, much like their audience. 

And oddly, the New York Times nails it by splitting Americans into five vaccine groups: the enthusiasts, the watchful, the cost-anxious, the system distrusters and the skeptics. 

So when you hear of a system distruster? That has to be a Trumper! Nope -- system distrusters think the health care system doesn't treat them fairly. According to the Times, most, but not all, are people of color, and they live in DC, Maryland and Georgia. So unless you’re a figment of Jussie Smollett’s imagination, I don’t think anyone there runs around screaming "MAGA country".

Then there's the watchful - these are "wait and see" types who check out what friends experience with the vax before getting it. Now if only they also spied on their friends, for white supremacist tendencies, the FBI would love them! But I get and understand the watchful: it’s like me at a party waiting to see if everyone trying Kat’s special brownies calls 911 before I try it myself. So you know where these people live? They "dominate in Delaware." Home to our basement-dwelling president - who recently accused skeptics-- of killing people - before walking it back. Hope there were no stairs involved. They also live in Rhode Island and Hawaii. Not Republican holdouts - but islands. 

We went to a castaway for a comment.

From "Castaway" - "I have made fire!"

Yeah a movie clip. That's a homage to Jesse Watters who's also here tonight. Congrats on the book. That’s gunna buy a lot of hair gel.

But despite the diversity of the hesitant, the name-calling persists.

Don Lemon (Monday): all these people are saying I don’t want to put this stuff in my body and out drinking on the weekend and putting other substances in their bodies way worse than a vaccine. Come on, let's be real." 

Chris Cuomo (Monday); if your answer is just then, 'well I don't care what they say, this is me, I’m an American,' that is being dumb as a proxy for being bold." 

Geraldo (Wednesday): if you are unvaccinated, and you are going around without being tested you are an arrogant, selfish, sob. 

You think I was gunna leave that out Geraldo?

The point - 60 percent of American adults have received their first shot -- but it has nothing to do with us vs. them. It’s just that America is made up of individuals who have different reasons for different decisions. But the news prefers groups over individuals - in order to create a conflict narrative that pays the bills. If Stelter doesn’t sell the news like it’s a pro wrestling match, there’s no way he could afford pie every night. 

Which brings us to the covid skeptics. Why are they skeptical? They believe in alternative theories. Some - like an Anthony Weiner selfie, are mostly just nuts. But others - are just anti-government. But it's more about the media than anything, because. 

Who's pushing the vaccine hardest? The same people who pushed collusion, obstruction, the fine people hoax, the myriad of phony scandals that were debunked the next day. They said the worlds ending in 8 years, remember that? These people are more full of crap than a septic tank the day after a Kardashian thanksgiving.

The media also ignored the riots and destruction of last summer, preferring to chase the fantasies of white supremacy. As covid exploded in china they focused on impeachment. Yep, these same people called you racist for questioning covid origins, smearing millions of Americans who realized there’s something fishy, as opposed to batty, about "gain of function."

Instead of looking at crime and safety, the press obsessed over identity politics. With the same fervor john Hinckley did Jodie Foster. And that distorted reality. 

For example: the number of unarmed black men killed by police, according to the Washington Post, was between 12 and 27. Yet, nearly half of "very liberal" Americans think it’s between one thousand and ten thousand. So where did they get that perception? From the same dishonest rage machine that brands Americans as murderers for fearing a jab.


So, maybe before you crap all over Americans. And place them in this us vs them prison - examine the role you play in creating this polarity.

You'll find that it has nothing to do with health. And everything to do with looking for a fight.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld's opening monologue on the July 28, 2021 edition of "Gutfeld!"