Grandmaster Putin plays chess while Obama's stuck on checkers

Around the world, there’s no good news. As it continues its savage bombardment of civilians, Syria shows no signs of keeping its promise to destroy its chemical weapons.

As Ukraine neared a civil war, its military leader refused for more than a week to return phone calls from U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Iran insists negotiations over its nuclear program will not involve its ballistic missiles. One official took a dig at President Obama, saying the missiles are a “red line.”


Welcome to global disorder. You know America’s power is waning when the mullahs mock our empty threats.

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The bad guys have figured out that “leading from behind” isn’t leading at all. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is acting like a grandmaster of chess while Obama stumbles at checkers.

But Obama’s fecklessness offers one advantage — it’s easier to see why he keeps bullying Israel.

The tiny Jewish state gets singled out because nobody else listens to America anymore. Once the Israelis figure that out, we’ll really be alone.

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