Gotham Syndrome Grips New York

The pols want a judge to end the Albany stalemate, but a shrink would be my choice. And not just to treat the buffoons in the Legislature. The public is acting crazy, too.

It's in the grip of an epidemic of Stockholm syndrome, a malady that causes hostages to identify with their captors. Since millions of New Yorkers are suffering, we're changing the name to Gotham Syndrome.

The major symptom is a failure to recognize what's good for you. In this case, it means a failure to recognize that the first thing Albany will do when it gets back to work is raise the sales tax in the city by half a percent, to 8.875%.

What's your hurry, folks? Can't wait to pay $900 million more in taxes? Now that's insane.

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Michael Goodwin is a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Daily News and a FOX News contributor.