For the love of royal baby Prince George

“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.” -- Princess Diana

Hope comes in small bundles.

Babies represent the future whether we are ready for it or not. They reaffirm life.

Is it any wonder that Britain and the world went wild over the birth of Prince George, third in line to the world’s most famed monarchy?

His parents are public, charming people and we can identify with their joy over the healthy birth of their son.


Yes, the newest George is a cause for celebration. Let us not forget he also carries the genes of his paternal grandmother, the Princess Diana. Her spirit, her empathy and presence helped sweep the monarchy into the modern world.

She raised a son in Prince William who, while understanding the responsibilities of his heritage, is also in touch with his peers. She helped create a legacy that will encourage Prince George to reach out to the world.

And it is true that while the royal baby’s birth is to be cheered, there are far too many children born who are unloved or ignored.  They will not have the silver spoon in their mouths or loving families gathered round—and yet, their births are also powerful.  Their presence, too, represents hope to a world that is often jaded.

I do not always understand the whys in life.

I do not know why some are born with so much while others must struggle for basic needs.

What I do believe is that Princess Diana was right, each of us deserves to be valued. Love is a bountiful commodity. It grows in measure to how much it is shared and every child born is a promise for our future. Perhaps the best way to honor wee George’s birth is to reach out.

In every community on every continent, there are programs to help children in need, programs designed to help build good, healthy lives.

Prince George will never worry if he has booties, but in keeping with the spirit of his birth, maybe the best way to celebrate is in making a donation to a charity that helps other babies of his generation. Charities that help adoption and fostering, feeding and educating. Charities to help the world show individuals they are valued.

If you don’t have a favorite charity for children, check out the descriptions and ratings of charities listed at Charity Navigator.  This would be a fitting tribute to a prince from a family who continues to engage the world.

And please, don’t forget, in the section asking if this gift is given in honor of someone special, write His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.  Let’s make his happy birth an incentive to rejoice in all of our children.