Follow the Facts Not the Fiction on Chris Dodd

Editor's note: FOX Forum asked Mr. Davis to comment on this article in The Connecticut Post revealing that only 5 residents of the state of Connecticut have donated to Senator Chris Dodd's reelection campaign thus far.

Instead of focusing on the facts of Senator Dodd's record as an effective U.S. Senator over his many years of public service -- and I mean facts, not innuendo-- the issue of how many contributors from Connecticut have donated money to his campaign vs. out-of-state donors more than 18 months from election day, to me at least, is not an important or even relevant issue at this juncture. For example, what would the comparable data show for other U.S. Senate candidates running for reelection in 2010 in both parties? Would it show that other incumbents in both parties running for reelection in 2010 would also show a dominance of out-of-state donors this far out from election day, too?