February 3

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Geraldine Ferraro Former Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate

Grade: A

President Obama gets an A once again. He chose Tom Dashle because he felt he was the best person for the job and a loyal and true friend as well He never for one minute suspected that Tom had a tax problem. Had Tom dealt with it in June when he (Tom) found out about it, he would still be the nominee. I would assume, knowing Tom for 30 years -- we got elected to Congress together in 1978 -- that he went to the president and said, "tell me what you want." At which point, I assume the president said to Tom, "I trust you and I believe in your integrity but I'm not sure the public will and we need their support in doing the things that are necessary to improve the health care for all of the people of this country. I won't ask you to withdraw. You're my friend. But I think it would be best." In light of my imaginary conversation between Tom and the president, I believe Tom's resignation was the honorable end to this unfortunate incident.


Andrea Tantaros Republican Political Commentator

Grade: F

Another day, another failure to bring change. When your Health and Human Services Secretary and your Performance Czar withdrawal their nominations in a three hour period due to tax problems, things can't be looking up. Worse yet, today's news was supposed to be the "bipartisanship" of Obama's Commerce Secretary pick (talk about stepping on your own story). Yesterday Obama stood behind Tom Daschle making excuses for his impropriety which reinforced an emerging theme: there are two standards in the President's mind -- the one he talks about to the American people, and the one he holds his Washington friends to. These scandals aren't just stumbles; they are huge setbacks that reflect poorly on Obama's judgment, his promise of extraordinary reform and only highlight the growing hypocrisy he is willing to condone. Obama didn't hold Daschle accountable as he should have, his Performance Czar did when she decided to do the right thing and accept responsibility for her actions.