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Tom Daschle

White House Chief of Cats

Rahm Emanuel's replacement fancies felines

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  1. The Journal Editorial Report: 10/2

    Republicans charging back in slew of manufacturing states owned by Democrats for years

  2. Tensions Abroad

    'The Journal Editorial Report' breaks down challenges facing new administration in 2009

  3. Hannity's America: 1/28

    Obama doesn't practice what he preaches when it comes to bipartisanship

  4. Liberal Supermajority

    What Washington could look like if Democrats control the White House, House and Senate

  5. 'Special Report' Online Show: 2/3

    Is the White House compromising Abdulmutallab's trial? Rahm Emanuel's efforts to be forgiven for derogatory remark; Obama offends Las Vegas again

  6. Sens. Graham, Daschle on 'FNS,' Pt. 2

    McCain, Obama backers discuss foreign policy matters, the debate schedule

  7. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition


  8. Cabinet Forecast

    Who will McCain, Obama pick to serve on their Cabinet?

  9. Trump Card?

    Democrats considering tort reform?

  10. FOX Flashback #28

    Iraq war resolution, Cuban missile crisis, USS Cole attacked, anthrax on Capitol Hill, San Francisco earthquake, Capone convicted

  11. Raising Objections?

    Senator Coburn expresses concerns about Reid's health bill which he will reveal to Democrats behind closed doors

  12. Failing Grade for Combating Terror

    Chilling bipartisan report points out serious flaw in government's defense against terrorist attacks

  1. On a Mission to Repeal 'Obamacare' - 'Lock, Stock, and Barrel'

    Rep. Mike Pence on what the GOP would do if it regains the majority at the midterms and whether he's aiming for a higher office

  2. Fox Flash: Dora Suing Nick


  3. Emanuel Close to Announcing Departure?

    Source says White House chief of staff near decision about future

  4. Tuesday's Halftime Report

    Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  5. Primary Day in Several States

    Voters go to the polls to choose candidates for general election

  6. Why Did Bush Tax Cuts Expire?

    Karl Rove says GOP had to impose time restrictions to gain Democratic votes in Congress

  7. After the Show Show: Government Power

    Does the government want to much control?

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