‘Eyes Wide Shut’ actress and Hollywood conservative: Why the #Resist movement has it completely wrong

Since President Trump’s election, many progressives who are determined to oppose everything he does have branded themselves “the Resistance.” That’s the same name used by heroic anti-fascist freedom fighters who risked their lives to fight Nazi forces in Europe in World War II.

This is absurd. Donald Trump is not Hitler, his supporters are not fascists and he is not threatening to deprive us of our freedoms. That scenario might work as the plot for a movie about a nightmarish future, but has no relationship to reality.

Yet everywhere we look on social media we see the #Resist banner. From millionaire Hollywood celebrities, to radical university professors, to liberal pundits hyperventilating as they spout off on TV, we see members of “the Resistance.” It’s oh-so fashionable, enlightened and politically correct. And frankly, nonsensical.

But what is this Resistance of our self-proclaimed saviors? What does it stand for?

Rather than battling the Establishment, the Resistance is the Establishment and is extraordinarily powerful. It must be the first resistance movement in history that actually runs most of the nation and makes up most of the political and cultural elite.

Many in the Resistance believe they are following in the footsteps not only of the anti-Nazi heroes of more than 70 years go, but of people in the 1960s who fought against injustice, racism and other forms of discrimination.

But over the past 50 years, leftist cultural groupthink has taken over and infiltrated every aspect of society. The original goals of protestors from years ago have been largely achieved. Yet the left continues to fight on to push America further and further leftward and oppose anyone who dares embrace conservative views.

The reality is that the #Resist movement is not the revolutionary force that it pretends to be. Rather than battling the Establishment, the Resistance is the Establishment and is extraordinarily powerful. It must be the first resistance movement in history that actually runs most of the nation and makes up most of the political and cultural elite.

The pillars of the Establishment masquerading as the Resistance are:

The Indoctrinators. This is made up of academia and the education industry. Members range from K-12 teachers to tenured university professors and administrators. They are more concerned with social justice activism than teaching. They are the most insidious, because they are shaping the minds of our children and future generations.

The Enforcers. These include social media giants Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, pushing a leftist agenda and trying to stifle conservative ideas and speech. Add high-tech conglomerates such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. Then throw in the left-leaning CEOs of many huge multinational corporations – billionaires like George Soros, Ted Turner and Richard Branson. On top of that, add thousands of liberal nongovernmental organizations. Collectively they spend millions of dollars promoting left-wing causes.

The Propagandists. This consists of nearly everyone in the media-entertainment complex, including most TV news channels, broadcast networks, newspapers, websites and the film industry.

The Democratic Party. The wealthy and powerful party of the left has minions throughout the American civil service and the Deep State.

Does this sound like a struggling, oppressed and poorly financed resistance? Or does it sound more like a vast, controlling, obscenely wealthy progressive network that uses all the tools at its disposal to oppose a democratic election result? These tools include indoctrination, propaganda, the suppression of free speech and even the violence practiced by Antifa – the well-funded and armed wing of the Resistance.

Bizarrely, members of the Resistance are the very thing they say they are fighting against. They say they are fighting fascism, but they use fascistic methods to bully, demonize and silence all who disagree with them.

From Hillary Clinton calling Trump voters “deplorables” to the armed thugs of Antifa calling anyone with a conservative or libertarian viewpoint “Nazis,” the aim is to dehumanize their opposition. This is not what a real resistance to fascism would be doing.

Of course, many of those who unthinkingly support #Resist are tragically ignorant of what the movement stands for. They don’t realize they are supporting the Deep State – powerful and utterly corrupted members of our government who see themselves as rulers and elites, and not as representatives of the people.

But why is globalism and global egalitarianism important to the left and the Resistance? One #Resist site quotes our Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

But the left incorrectly interprets this “equality” as egalitarianism – the equality of outcomes. This was never the intention of the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence and later the U.S. Constitution supported the equality of opportunity for all – admittedly with major flaws, because the enslavement of African-Americans was permitted to continue and women were denied the right to vote and other legal rights. Thankfully, those injustices were corrected with constitutional amendments and laws over the past 150 years.

Equality gives us all the chance to succeed but does not guarantee a good and fulfilling life. It is up to all of us as individuals to achieve what we can, and inevitably some of us face greater obstacles along the way than others – being born into poverty, illnesses, disabilities, discrimination, losing jobs, and other misfortune. Life can be hard.

Egalitarianism requires a big and all-powerful government to mandate and enforce equal outcomes. This was the ideal articulated by the founder of communism, Karl Marx, when he came up with the slogan “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Marx’s dream has never been achieved anywhere on Earth. If it were, it would crush individual initiative, ambition, innovation and ultimately national prosperity. Why work if everything is just handed to you?

Just look at the abysmal failure of the economies in communist nations where agriculture and industry were collectivized in an effort to make egalitarianism a reality. The poor, the hungry and the homeless weren’t helped – they just saw their ranks grow.

And egalitarianism must be global: One people, one government, no borders, no “inequality.” A globalist government does not value borders, countries or any sense of national sovereignty.

For progressives this sounds great – it’s the path to the utopian future they so desire (with John Lennon’s “Imagine” piped through loudspeakers ad nauseam). However, because big government is required in order to attain this global egalitarianism, it is only a matter of time before socialism, communism or fascism will follow.

Military dictatorships tend to also be part of that package. How will a dictatorship come into play? Disarm the citizens and abolish their right to keep and bear arms. Make sure that only the elites, the government, the police and the military are armed. This achieves the goal of ensuring that citizens are helpless to fight against a tyrannical ruler.

For the leftist #Resist movement to be fully realized, freedom and liberty will have to go. It sounds crazy. But to those who believe in leftist groupthink, egalitarianism is more important and noble than liberty.

President Trump has been working to make sure American citizens are safer so we can enjoy the blessings of liberty and continue our pursuit of happiness. He has been trying to lessen government involvement in people’s lives – for the sake of liberty and to spread economic prosperity to more of our people.

The self-proclaimed Resistance is the antithesis of resistance. It is anti-freedom, pro-establishment and part of the Deep State. I hope the American people can see the #Resist movement for what it actually is and treat its agenda with the derision it deserves, so we can survive this threat to the freedom and liberty of our great country.

Editor's note: a previously published version of this was longer and unedited.