Elizabeth Edwards Is Not a Victim -- She's an Accomplice

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By Kurt SchlichterAttorney/Former Stand-Up Comic and Comedy Writer

Elizabeth Edwards has hit the chat show circuit to hawk her new memoir "Resilience." Her interview with Oprah airs Thursday. Elizabeth has some important lessons to teach the young women of today. The most important of these lessons is to be nothing like her, though I'm pretty sure that's not the message she is trying to send.

Typically, when someone whines about his or her circumstances, I take a common sense approach and start by blaming the victim. The fact is that bad things tend to happen to people who make bad, or at least dumb, decisions. No money? You're probably not working hard enough. Dead end job? You probably didn't get an education. Creepy husband who cheats with a trampy party girl and humiliates you in front of the entire nation? You probably chose to marry and stick with a creepy husband who would cheat with a trampy party girl and humiliate you in front of the entire nation.

Elizabeth is not at fault for the death of her son in a tragic auto accident, or for her fight with cancer. But she sure as hell is at fault for partnering with the kind of guy who would exploit both those things to further his own ambitions.

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