Don't Be Fooled, It's Still the Economy, Stupid

The 2010 political season is but a few days old. The Democratic announcements on Senate and gubernatorial races this week have provided terrific fodder for the chattering class (or as they might be also be described "the speculation herd") but 11 months is many lifetimes in politics.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats should be making any plans to redecorate. The fact of the matter is that while opining about what drove long-time politicians to drop out of political life and which candidates might take their place is entertaining, the real numbers Democrats must focus on are the economic numbers. Where the economy goes over the next few months will be the real test for the Democrats and their candidates.

Democrats need to keep their eyes -- and their focus -- on jobs, jobs and jobs.

The old saw is truer than ever, "It's the economy, stupid."

Joe Slakas is Democratic political consultant and fundraiser. He is a frequent guest on's "Strategy Room."