Vote or Die! It’s a movement that began in 2004. But it hasn’t changed since then. The message is the same: we don’t care whether you’re educated, take an interest in the political process or have any understanding of the relationship between business and government… as a matter of fact we prefer that you don’t! We’d rather you just vote. It’s the Hollywood way. It’s the liberal way.

Election season is upon us, and you know what that means; it’s time for liberals to round up as many of the lowest-common denominator voters as they can fit onto a bus. A huge chunk of that block of course, is the ever-elusive youth vote.

Whether it’s Puff Daddy, sorry P. Diddy… Sorry, just Diddy, the Black Eyed Peas or the statuesque cast of the newest CW show, the entertainment industry is always looking for ways to grab your children’s votes.

For a while, they at least tried to appear non-partisan. As the “Vote or Die” campaign transitioned to “Obama or Die” however, their motives have become more and more clear.

It’s not that their motives have ever changed, it’s just that the folks clamoring for the youth vote have pretty much conceded that the jig is up. They want young people to vote for the lefties, period. In order to do so, they need to keep the youth in the dark, period. Whether it’s P. Diddy simply saying that “Sarah Palin is scary!” or Cameron Diaz crying that you should only abstain from voting “if you want rape to be legal!” it’s clear that the liberal elites have no aspirations to educate the youngins, but to elicit an irrational, emotive response.

You see, the more information that is given to younger generations, the less likely they’ll be to vote for a Democrat. It’s not a values thing. We young voters are selfish, and we don’t want to be stuck with your bill (old people, I’m looking in your direction). That’s why for leftists, keeping young voters ignorant is just as important as the campaign to get them to vote in the first place. And guess what? It works.

This is an area that should be fertile territory for Republicans, yet (as is often the case) they’ve dropped the ball. Sure, young people will never be a huge voting block, but that doesn’t mean that they should be ignored.

I’m not saying that Republicans need to pander and Michael “What Up” Steele the deal. What I’m saying is that conservatives need to be the antithesis of liberals. We should reach out to young people while pro-actively making a point of educating them at the same time.

If the leftist strategy is to keep young voters in the dark and get their votes, ours should be to enlighten them… and get their votes.

Now I get that as a percentage, very few young people come out to vote. It is at that same age however, where the seeds of political thought are planted.

Baby Boomers were once the most liberal generation this country had ever seen, but we’re seeing more and more of them turn toward conservatism. Could that be because of the seeds that were planted from generations before them?

We can’t expect to see that with this generation, because conservatives truly haven’t invested in them.

It’s important to remember all of this. Because while those of us in the business of cable news and talk radio play all kind of silly prediction games and go on about policy talk, we’re operating in an echo chamber.

Liberals have the ears of your kids and of young adults. They have their ear in school (grades K-12 and beyond), they have their ear when they watch TV, and they have their ear when they listen to radio. Is this making sense, folks?

If conservatives don’t take a pro-active approach toward changing that equation, a generation will be lost amidst a sea of blue hair forever.

Steven Crowder is a writer, comedian and Fox News contributor.