Chris Dodd -- Poster Boy for the Permanent Political Class

By Christopher CoffeyRepublican Political Strategist

Sen Dodd The DC Political Class

Of great concern to all should be today's revelation that only five (yes only five) Connecticut residents donated to Senator Dodd's campaign this year. It suggests that Congress is controlled not by those representing their constituents, but by an insular, if not impervious political class.

So what's wrong with a powerful government staffed by political insiders? Look at the former socialist republics in Eastern Europe. Milovan Djilas, the Yugoslavian Communist leader, observed that socialism's transfer of power from the private sector to the government did little other than create a "new class" of government insiders.

United States

At times, it seems like America's political class is becoming down right feudal. We are increasingly being asked to consider the candidacy of a Kennedy, Bush, Cuomo, or Clinton. Would this nation consider these candidates were it not for their last names? (Dodd's father was also a U.S. Senator).

We are always free to vote a political class out of power, but it takes money. Challengers will always have difficulty raising it when confronting incumbents like Senator Dodd, who apparently do not need their constituents to finance a campaign.