Chill on media sources on must be thrill for Obama White House

One of my favorite cartoon strips in The New Post, Mallard Fillmore, had a beauty Tuesday. “In retrospect, I knew we handled Benghazi all wrong,” a jug-eared President Obama says. “We should have called in an air strike . . . on those whistleblowers.”

There is much truth in the jest by artist Bruce Tinsley. The punch line captures Obama’s attitude toward disagreement. He confuses dissenters with enemies, and tries to silence them.

That is the theme shared by the scandals roiling Washington — the targeting of conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service, the snooping on reporters by the Justice Department, and the administration’s big lies about Benghazi. All involved attempts to quash anything that could make Obama look bad.

Reports that the thuggish actions are sending a “chill” through media sources must be sending a thrill through the White House. Chilling whistleblowers was the point.

If the squeeze also makes journalists fear running afoul of prosecutors, bingo — that’s a two-fer.

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