BIAS BASH: Obama avoids tough questions at slimdown press conference

Did President Obama tap dance his way through Wednesday’s press conference? Fox News Contributor Judy Miller weighed in on Obama’s move to snub the mainstream media amid the partial government shutdown.

“It was noted by several commentators, including our own Brit Hume, that the president didn’t get any tough questions at that press conference,” said Miller on “Bias Bash” on “He kind of stonewalled for a lot of time without calling on a single member of the broadcast mainstream media. None of the networks, not Fox News, not CNN, nobody who is going to give him a hard time - and Brit Hume called that performance pathetic.

“Compare that to what’s happening to Ted Cruz, and here I have to speak again about Fox News. Megyn Kelly’s first show, where she said to Ted Cruz in a very polite and respectful way, ‘you know senator, your poll numbers are just terrible and they’re dropping by the minute according to the latest polling data by politico. Aren’t you costing your party and your country support?’ and he wouldn’t answer the question and she came back at him and held him to it. So we have on one hand a lot of tough questions being put to the Ted Cruz’s of the world and not a lot of tough questions being posed to President Obama because he’s calling the shots he’s asking the questions.”

Watch the complete “Bias Bash” in the video above.