A New So-Called 'Fairness' Doctrine? Bring It On!

By Tommy De SenoAttorney/Writer

Let the government insist that when I speak a liberal gets to speak next to me. Oh, how I relish the idea of having my conservative views lined up side-by-side next to dopey liberal views. Let the world see how much better conservatism is.

Supreme Court

Look, if conservatives really want to challenge the Fairness Doctrine, I suggest using a different (but no less important) section of the First Amendment -- Freedom of Association. The Court didn't address that in 1969, and that section has grown in importance over the years -- even keeping the Boy Scouts and the Hibernians from having to associate with homosexuals against their will.

Well, now conservatives can make the argument that we shouldn't have to associate with the likes of Al Franken and Bill Ayers against our will.

But on the other hand, why miss the opportunity this can bring for many of us to go mano a mano with Dummycrats every chance we can get?

Some people see their opinions as fragile bubbles being gently blown by children in the breeze, and they act like children should someone pop their bubble. As for me, I see opinions like birds in a cockfight. Send mine out there to do battle to the death -- if I have the better bird in the fight, I'll win. That's how opinions should be measured -- in battle. Bring on the libs!

We conservatives have always complained that the vast majority of media is left-leaning. If that's true and we weren't just blowing smoke, then we should be able to use the Fairness Doctrine to our great advantage.

Extend it to television and Internet. Imagine -- multitudes of conservatives like avenging angels swarming the castles of liberalism -- HuffPo, CBS, ABC, NBC. We can petition the Bankruptcy Court for time on Air America. I'll personally move Matt Lauer's skinny rear-end out of his chair when I catch him hiding left-wing shenanigans behind a facade of centrism.

And we can use the opportunity to finally wipe out straw-man fake conservatives that liberal shows employ as useful idiots -- like Andrew Sullivan.

Who's afraid of a new Fairness Doctrine? Bring it on!!!

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