Tucker Carlson focused on the coronavirus Friday, saying we should hold China and our leaders accountable for the difficult position the virus will put the American people, adding that COVID-19 could impact our 2020 presidential election.

"There's something about human nature that prevents us from preparing for this, for abrupt and radical change. You pretend the unexpected will never happen. But there's something in nature itself that reminds us it inevitably will. It's always a terrifying realization," Carlson said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." "The rise of the Chinese coronavirus is that kind of moment. The virus is quickly becoming a global pandemic. Ultimately, it could kill millions. At the very least, it will reorder the global economy and change our politics."


"Could the disease help determine the outcome of our next presidential election eight months from now?" Carlson asked. "Of course it could."

Carlson minced no words describing the impact of the coronavirus on Americans and  bluntly saying, "We're about to learn the limits of our health care system."

"It is highly communicable and the elderly and people with preexisting respiratory disease face the greatest threat from it," Carlson said. "That means, for most Americans, the biggest risks will come not from the virus itself, but from its ancillary effects. People will panic. Travel will be disrupted. Markets will tumble. And most critically, hospitals will be overwhelmed."

The host said China has taken over our health care system, outlining the power the country holds over the pharmaceutical market.

"Imagine watching one of your children die from an infected cut," Carlson said. "China has the power to make that happen."

Carlson blasted Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and former President Obama for allowing China to take control and praised Trump for his America first initiatives.


Carlson called on America to abandon globalism.

"That's the governing agenda in the age of the Chinese corona virus, abandoned globalism, rebuild the country, make the things we need," Carlson said. "A strong America is an independent America."