Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen on Tuesday ripped Democrat-run cities and states for COVID school closures, arguing the party hasn't learned any lessons from last year's elections. Thiessen said on "The Brian Kilmeade Show" that teachers' unions are pushing Democrats toward bigger losses in 2022.

MARC THIESSEN: This is the big problem that the Democrats have, which is they haven’t learned the lesson of the last election that you just talked about. And it is not just in Virginia. They almost lost in New Jersey, which is a deep blue state and they barely even won.

What started the whole movement of parents going to school boards was the parents were at home stuck and they were finally listening to what was happening in their kids' classes, instead of dropping them off at school and asking them at the end of the day.

They were sick and tired of the school closures, they were sick and tired of the indoctrination of their children with left-wing ideology. And they went to the school boards and demanded change and the Democrats' response is we’re going to close schools again? That’s the teachers' union response? Be my guest, you’re going to see Virginia on a national scale in November 2022.