Skateboarder Taylor Silverman told Fox News Digital that the National Organization for Women's (NOW) claim that fairness in women's sports is White supremacy is a "desperate" attempt to "scare people into silence."

"I take the National Organization for Women claiming that fairness in women’s sports is White supremacy about as seriously as I take them claiming men can be women," Silverman told Fox News Digital, reacting NOW's statement. "They are blinded by this lie and desperate to scare people into silence. Men in women’s sports impacts all women, including minorities that the National Organization for Women seemingly want to erase to push their ridiculous narrative."

Silverman, the host of the skateboarding YouTube show "Boonies HQ," competed against biological males three times in skateboarding contests. On two occasions, she was pushed out of first place. 

Skateboarder Taylor Silverman

Skateboarder Taylor Silverman slams Transgender Day of Visibility, calling it "ridiculous."


Silverman's comments came after NOW slammed an effort to sue the NCAA over transgender athletes' participation in women's sports as the work of "White supremacist patriarchy" rather than a concern for equality.

NOW responded to the news of former and current college athletes filing a lawsuit against the NCAA, accusing it of violating their Title IX rights by allowing transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to compete in the women’s championship back in 2022.

After NOW's statements, several people declared that the group no longer supports women.

This response faced swift backlash, particularly for women athletes advocate Riley Gaines, who helped file the lawsuit.

"I've never seen so many oppression buzzwords in one sentence. Apparently, advocating for fair sport makes me a white supremacist. I wonder if my attorney will agree. (in case you were wondering, NOW stands for National Organization of Women lol),"she wrote on X.

Additionally, Silverman previously blasted the Biden administration for posting about Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday and the notion that the holiday even exists. The day falls on March 31 and coincided with Easter this year.

"I think that the whole idea that we need a Transgender Day of Visibility is ridiculous because I agree that people who identify as trans have a lot of problems. I don't think visibility is one of them," Silverman told Fox News Digital. 

"Go to a women's sporting event, like a skateboarding contest, and you'll see that they have no problem with visibility."

"I'm not sure that Biden tweeted this. I think it's his puppet masters. I don't think Biden is controlling that or making a lot of decisions at this point," she said. 

Silverman added that, regardless, the commander-in-chief's account acknowledging Transgender Day of Visibility is a "huge insult to a lot of people" in the U.S., "especially Christians who celebrate Easter."

NCAA trophy

A general view of the NCAA National Champion trophy during the NCAA Women's Golf Championship Final at Grayhawk Golf Club.  (Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Silverman counted a plethora of LGBTQ related holidays and themes throughout the year. Among them are International Transgender Day of Visibility, International Asexuality Day, National Transgender HIV Testing Day, Non-binary Parents Day, and several others the professional athletes listed.


"Look at these calendars and look at what our politicians and people in power are pushing and telling us," she added.

The professional athlete told Fox News Digital that she had noticed an uptick in transgender athletes competing in women’s sports over the past several years.

"Visibility is not an issue. And for this fall on Easter, it just goes along with this theme that I have noticed that all of this gender identity stuff, the LGBTQ stuff, has a theme of disrespecting religious people in our country and disrespecting God as a whole."

President Biden, transgender flag

U.S. President Joe Biden, March 31, 2022.  Nathaniel Pawlowski reads from the Bible outside Calgary Public Library while protesters demonstrate with signs and a trans flag. The official CDC website offered advice for trans women who are looking to "chest feed" their children. (Nathaniel Pawlowski , REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo, )


Silverman began advocacy for fairness in women's sports when she lost thousands of dollars in prize money after competing in three different contests with transgender women. She wrote a letter to Red Bull expressing her concern about the circumstances she faced at the 2022 Cornerstone competition, which was won by a biological male. She claimed that Red Bull ignored her letter.

Silverman's comments come amid a national debate over whether biological men have a competitive advantage over biological women.

Fox News' Thomas Catenacci contributed to this report.