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Pennsylvania's "stay-at-home" order is not being fair to small businesses, according to Fashion Cents Consignment shop owner Brittany Allen.

In an interview Saturday on "Fox & Friends Weekend" with host Pete Hegseth, Allen said her store was being forced to remain shuttered because she doesn't have a grocery section or cleaning supplies in her store, but noted that superstores like Target may remain open because of their product selection.

"Well, what's happening is when I can finally open my doors again, all those moms that need clothing for their kids are going to be going to Walmart and Target. They've already gotten all their clothes. So, when I open my doors again, they're not going to need me," Allen explained.


Allen assured Hegseth that she believes she could safely open her doors putting coronavirus safety protocol in place.

"I definitely think I could safely open again. We were starting to do these things even before we were shut down. I have been in stores now that only would provide hand sanitizer or wipes right now for your carts," she noted. "So, we could definitely — you know, we have wipes for our customers, we have hand sanitizer. We could have an employee going around wiping down doorknobs. We would require all our employees to wear a mask and gloves."

"I might be able to go another month like this," Allen added, "but the restrictions [the governor] is talking about is you know... there was a headline that said maybe one person could be in my store at a time. You know, maybe in May — May 8th that would happen."

"But, we have an 8,000 square-foot store. If, you know, one person could get lost in my store and I would never see them. So I mean, they got, the restrictions have got to be, you know, reasonable. You have to look at the size of the location and you know you have to let...take the size of the store into consideration," she pointed out.


Allen told Hegseth that while she has been selling her products online as well, her online sales for one month were equivalent to one day open.

"It's really frustrating. We can't go on much longer like this," she remarked. "And, you know, to have one or two people in my store isn't worth it," Allen concluded.

On Tuesday on "Fox & Friends," Pennsylvania attorney and small business owner Marc Scaringi and real estate agent Kathy Gregory said their lawsuit against the stay-at-home order will head to the U.S. Supreme Court after the state's highest court ruled in favor of the governor.