Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told "The Faulkner Focus" on Monday that New York City Mayor Eric Adams defending a measure to allow non-citizens to vote in the city is bad for the Big Apple, the state, and the United States.

MIKE POMPEO: Harris, this is bad for New York City, it is bad for New York, it is bad for America. And not only do I think it’s inconsistent with our history and the law, I think that …  it denigrates those of us who are citizens. Some of us are blessed to be born here. Privileged to have the blue American passport I as Secretary of State helped deliver to people is a big deal. We ought not give folks who don’t have that citizenship, who haven’t earned it in the ways that the American people know they need to earn it. We shouldn’t let them participate in electing leaders. It should be reserved for the incredible group of people who are citizens of the United States and people all across the world want to come here and remind them that if you aren’t an American citizen it means you are a citizen of some other country. To think we would allow foreigners to vote in American elections without them having U.S. citizenship is really quite something.