As the migrant crisis continues to affect New York City, Mayor Eric Adams is now planning to move migrants into the suburbs and to upstate New York. 

One local official joined "Fox & Friends" Tuesday to discuss his outrage with the decision and detail the town of Salina's plan to file a restraining order to prevent migrants from being bussed to hotels there.

"He's (Mayor Adams) created this crisis for himself in New York City. The future leaders in or the past leaders in New York City, they're the ones that declared themselves a sanctuary city. And they welcome these migrants in. It's a complete shame and an utter lack of leadership that they haven't been able to take care of them and are passing this crisis on to other communities," said Town Supervisor Nick Paro.


Mayor Eric Adams

Mayor Eric Adams is pictured during briefing at the Javits Federal Building on April 17, 2023.  ((Luiz C. Ribeiro/New York Daily News/Tribune News Service via Getty Images))

Adams, a Democrat, said Sunday that migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border should be sent to every city "throughout the entire country."

"We have 108,000 cities, villages, towns. If everyone takes a small portion of that, and if it's coordinated at the border, to ensure that those who are coming here to this country in a lawful manner is actually moved throughout the entire country, it is not a burden on one city," Adams said in an appearance on CBS's "Face the Nation" Sunday. "And the numbers need to be clear. We received over 70,000 migrant asylum seekers in our city, 42,000 are still in our care. If this is properly handled at the border level, this issue can be resolved while we finally get Congress, particularly the Republican Party, to deal with a comprehensive immigration policy."

Paro called out NYC leaders for their failure to care for the migrants and as a result, passing on the problem to other communities and showing a "disregard" for local laws. 

"Their lack of communication, the lack of coordination and their lack of plan on how to solve this problem is disappointing, to say the least. And I'm rather upset that they have decided to call me only a few days before they decided to bus these migrants into my community without even asking if it was okay." 

Paro said he is confident that the restraining order he is filing will be effective. 

"I think we'll have a pretty strong case to make sure that the migrants aren't able to get off the bus and into the housing here at this hotel. The lack of leadership at all levels, all the way up to the Biden administration, has been shocking on this," said Paro, who resides in Onondaga County, near the city of Syracuse.

Paro called out the Biden administration for the crisis and said he never expected to have to deal with the fallout from the border crisis.

"Biden, the administration, what they've been able to not accomplish on this since he's been in office has rather been astounding."


Fox News' Danielle Wallace contributed to this report.