"Cross Country" host Lawrence Jones exposed how the arguably racist legacy of Planned Parenthood still persists today in Saturday's monologue.

LAWRENCE JONES: I thought the Democrats were done with Margaret Sanger. But if that's the case, why is Janet Yellen parroting her manifesto in front of Congress? Of course, we all knew it was just a front. Just because they removed her name from a building doesn't mean they're divorced from her guiding principles. If you don't believe me, just look at the location of the Planned Parenthood facilities. A 2017 report by the Life Issues Institute found that 88% of Planned Parenthood mega-centers target women of color, with 80% specifically targeting Black communities and 56% targeting Hispanic and Latino neighborhoods. Those are just the numbers. You see, the secretary has a PhD from Harvard, so she's not a dummy. She was very clear here. She's talking about teenage Black women. She says they can't continue their education if they choose life. They can't participate in the workforce if they choose life. They aren't in a position to care for their children, so don't choose life or else those children will grow up poor and be worse themselves. Sanger had a definition for this. She called those moms unfit. Her factors for determining if someone was unfit came down to race, physical and socioeconomic qualifications and their mental fitness. 

It's time for our leaders to make a choice. Because life shouldn't be a matter of political convenience. Either you're for life from the womb to the tomb, or you're not at all.