Scarborough alarmed about some Dems' far-left push: 'That ain't gonna sell in Youngstown, Ohio!'

Joe Scarborough sounded the alarm Wednesday about Democrats supporting health care for illegal immigrants and "Medicare-for-all," specifically warning about how union workers would respond to potentially losing benefits.

In an interview with presidential hopeful Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, the "Morning Joe" host asked about Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., talking about "free" health care. He noted the current union health care contracts that workers had "sweated and toiled and fought over for decades."

Sanders hit back at Ryan during Tuesday night's debate for claiming the senator didn't know for sure that “Medicare-for-all” would provide coverage that would be better than the current plans that Americans would lose if the country moved to a single-payer system.

“I do know. And I wrote the damn bill!” Sanders snapped back.

Ryan said in the interview that taking "really good health care" plans, such as the ones in union contracts, away from people could be a "potential disaster" for the party.

Scarborough agreed that candidates who are also supporting free health care for illegal immigrants are not in line with most Americans' views.

“You come into the United States illegally and some people on the debate stage are saying you get health care for life, free health care for life, free education for life. I mean, free everything for life. I’m sorry, some people on Twitter may not like to hear this. That ain’t going to sell in Youngstown, Ohio, that ain’t going to sell in Macomb County, Michigan, and that ain’t going to sell in Wisconsin!” he said.

Ryan said people are "struggling to make ends meet" in many places in the United States and yet the message from the Democratic Party is that an "undocumented person can get free health care."

Leading into the interview, Scarborough said it was "never-never-land" for Sanders to claim a government-run system would be better than current health care plans given to union workers.

“It’s just not. And the Democratic Party really needs to wake up. You can keep talking about that, but run this tape two years from now. Those promises will be broken as much as Donald Trump’s promises are broken," he said.