Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined "Fox News Live" Friday reacting to privacy organizations saying Elf on the Shelf is invasive and possibly dangerous, insisting that ‘there’s nothing creepy about it.'

JOE CONCHA: I'm really, really trying to push back the temptation to get angry, and you see me get this way before my Irish comes up last year. But it's Christmas Eve, so I'll keep a smile on my face. As hard as it is to do a grudgingly.

…Elf on the Shelf is a doll. It has magic and I have a six and an eight-year-old upstairs who are really, you know, looking to get over the grandpa's right now for Christmas Eve. And they look forward to every morning since Thanksgiving, seeing the elves fly from one place to another in my house. There's nothing creepy about it. Can we please just leave one tradition alone without this nonsense, this wokeness, this cancel cult? We're going to cancel the elves now. Come on.