Jesse Watters slams Obama's 'corrupt presidency' over Russia investigation: 'This guy's got some nerve'

Jesse Watters blasted former President Barack Obama on "The Five" Monday, saying the 44th president needed to "pay a price" for his involvement in the Russia investigation and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's case.

"This guy's got some nerve, Barack Obama. We now have evidence that they planted evidence, they hid evidence, they concocted evidence against the Trump campaign," Watters said. "This was a frame job from the very beginning.

"There was never evidence of collusion, except all the Obama intelligence officials went on TV and said that there was collusion. Yet under oath, they said they saw no evidence of collusion."


The Justice Department moved last week to dismiss the case against Flynn, President Trump's first national security adviser, who was seen as a key source of information for then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign.

On Sunday, Trump intensified his criticism of Obama by tying him to the Flynn investigation and blasting his predecessor's criticism aimed at the Trump administration's coronavirus response.

"I mean, this is like [the movie] 'Internal Affairs.' Catching dirty cops, framing innocent people, and then everybody's mad at internal affairs," Watters said. "No, this was a corrupt presidency."


Fox Business Network host Dagen McDowell then asked co-host Juan Williams why Obama would "belly flop in the middle of this," ensuring fresh scrutiny of his potential role in the investigation.

"I think these people are so concerned, thinking about the idea that our justice system, a country based on laws, is now all about politics," Williams said, criticizing Attorney General William Barr. "Flynn's new lawyer [is] very smart because they're talking to an audience of one and they know that one person has a bee in his bonnet about President Obama."

Fox News' Edmund DeMarche contributed to thsi report.