Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., explained the dire effects of passing an Iran nuclear deal Saturday on "Lawrence Jones Cross Country."

REP. JIM BANKS: This is absurd that the Biden administration would go back to a deal that was disastrous under Barack Obama and are now hell-bent again on renegotiating a new deal that rewards Iran for their bad behavior. Now, the only thing I can guess is that the Biden administration is so desperate for oil they would rather negotiate with terrorists than work with American energy workers to open up oil and make America energy-independent once again. But that's exactly what the Biden administration is well on its way to doing. 

Consider that if this deal passes, Joe Biden will be sending billions of dollars to a terrorist group. And if it passes, Joe Biden will be the biggest funder of terrorism in the world, and American taxpayers are going to be the ones paying for it. And lifting a terrorist designation on the IRGC just goes to show that this administration is more interested in dealing with bad guys than dealing with the good guys right here at home in America to put America back on top, to put America back where it can be, project strength instead of weakness like this White House does every single day.