Fox News host Pete Hegseth told viewers on Friday's "Jesse Watters Primetime" that those who are threatening sitting Supreme Court justices over the Roe v. Wade draft leak and issuing threats to burn down the courts are the "real extremists."

PETE HEGSETH: Potential weekend violence over Roe v. Wade is setting off the alarm for CNN. After left-wingers spent the week doxxing Supreme Court justices and telling protesters to burn down Washington. So naturally, CNN is looking at reality and bracing for the worst from these leftist lunatics.


These are the people that we should actually be worried about. The ones in the streets telling people to fight back against so-called extremists, Supreme Court, all for wanting to return the question of abortion to the states, to the people, to the elected legislatures. The ones lying blatantly in the faces of their supporters to incite a phony uproar. Most of them are already convinced that Republicans can flat-out ban abortion in the country if Roe v. Wade's overturned, which of course, is not true. 

supreme court

Workers assemble non-scalable fences around the Supreme Court Building amid ongoing abortion-rights demonstrations on May 4, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images) (Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images)


These people aren't actually pro-choice. They're just pro-abortion. They're willing to make up imaginary scenarios just to add some fuel to the fire like they always do. Never let a good crisis go to waste just so they can keep their supporters obsessed with aborting babies and helping to dilute the idea of the nuclear family. They want a world where everyone is brainwashed into believing abortion without limits is a good thing. Where you can afford a baby any time, any day… Every Republican candidate in America should be asking every single one of their Democrat opponents until all the way up until the midterm election that very question, because the Left and the Democrats are so beholden to the pro-abortion lobby, they can't answer any other way. We shouldn't be calling these people pro-choice. These people are pro-abortion. And they're more than willing to threaten sitting Supreme Court justices and threaten to burn down the courts just to get their way. These are the real extremists. These are the people that want to burn down our American experiment, ultimately if they could, as we know it.