Harvard study: People who run late tend to be happier, live longer

Could tardiness be the key to happiness and longevity?

A recent Harvard University's Medical School study reportedly found that people who often run late tend to live happier, longer lives.

The study suggests that those usually behind schedule can be calmer, and tend to have a lower blood pressure, with a reduced risk of developing heart disease.

Discussing the findings on Fox Nation, host Tom Shillue offered his perspective.

"In other words, if you're running late, friends might hate you but you'll outlive them, so who cares?" he joked.

"I think this makes sense," he continued. "It's not that they're rude, but the people who are late for things are always those laid back... kinda chill, not punctual people..."

Co-host Britt McHenry questioned the study's findings, saying her "perpetual" tardiness increases her stress levels.

"I disagree with this," she said. "I am perpetually late, and being late stresses me out...I'm a type-A person who is always late...but maybe I'm just a walking contradiction."

Appearing as a guest on the Fox Nation show, author and creator of Dilbert Comic Strip Scott Adams also weighed in on the study's findings.

Harvard study finds people running late tend to live happier, longer lives

"If the trend continues, maybe the reason they live longer is they're just late for death," he said sarcastically. "They're not only laid back but maybe they don't care so much what people think...and that's gotta be healthy."

"People who are late are going to have certain qualities," Shillue responded. "I don't think being late makes you any healthier, and I don't know if it's a good sign about you, but it's...oftentimes more laid-back people. Type-A people are very stressed...often times very successful and often times very on time."

Cracking the code behind the typical excuses of latecomers, McHenry said she was familiar with the routine.

"Especially women, we have a list of excuses that we come up with when we're late," she said. "There's a code behind each one. "

"'Oh, I'm in the car'...nowhere near the car still doing your hair," she said,

"The other text is, 'I'm running five minutes late'...running 25 minutes late."

"These are the little codes that men come to sort of know."

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