HANNITY: Maybe Biden misspoke, or maybe he's not familiar with the Indian Ocean. But let's be clear, He should definitely not be running for a second term. In fact, I'm not so sure he's able to finish the current term based on what we're watching every day. Now, of course, the majority of Americans do not believe Biden is mentally sharp enough to be your president. The evidence of his mental decline is everywhere. 

And by the way, in two recent polls, Donald J. Trump, in spite of all of the indictments and all the nonstop legal attacks that he's been taking, seems to be clobbering Joe Biden. Look at the Harvard Harris poll has Trump up by six. So does a new Rasmussen poll. Trump is up by more than two points in the Real Clear Politics average. But that includes a Quinnipiac poll that I didn't feel was real. So tonight, I have some advice for my dear friends in the Democratic Party. You might want to find a new candidate or you can take your chances and anoint the big guy who has a lot of legal troubles on the horizon – that we can tell you, a terrible president, an awful track record, lots of baggage who can barely string two coherent sentences together. Is there no one else in the Democratic Party more capable?