Gristedes CEO says supermarket supply chain in 'pretty good shape' amid coronavirus pandemic

John Catsimatidis, the owner and CEO of New York City supermarket chain Gristedes, told Fox News Radio's “The Brian Kilmeade Show” Monday that his stores' supply chain is in “pretty good shape," despite coronavirus fears triggering a run on grocery items in some locations.

Fears of the fast-spreading virus has caused long lines and crowded parking lots across the country as shoppers stock up on food and other items. In many cases, customers have found stores running low on paper goods -- including toilet paper -- dairy items and meat.

When Kilmeade asked Catsimatidis if Gristedes has been able to keep store shelves stocked given the increased demand for goods, the CEO said, “We are working harder than the average people and our people have been there day and night.

“We are getting supplies from Vermont, we are getting supplies from New Jersey, we are getting supplies from upstate [New York].”

He went on to say that currently “produce [supply] is 100 percent [of normal], meat is almost 100 percent and there is a little shortfall of toilet paper” at Gristedes Supermarkets.

“Other than that, I think we are in pretty good shape,” he added.


On Sunday, President Trump told Americans that “there's no need to hoard” supplies, amid concerns of potential food or other shortages as more states and cities announced restrictions to contain the novel coronavirus.

The president said during a White House briefing after speaking with heads of food suppliers: “You don’t have to buy so much, take it easy, just relax.”

Trump added: “We’re doing great, it all will pass.”

Trump assured Americans that grocers would remain open and that the supply chain remained healthy. Vice President Mike Pence urged Americans to buy only the groceries they needed for the week ahead.


“I think the president is giving the right message, but let’s talk reality,” Catsimatidis told Kilmeade. “I told my maid, 'Go out and make sure you have a three-month supply of everything.' Now you want to know the right message? That was the right message. You want to know reality? I gave you reality.”

Fox News’ Frank Miles and Robert Gearty contributed to this report