Fox News staffers teamed up with the United Service Organization’s operation “That’s My Ride” program Monday, helping to build bikes for service members’ children.

“You know what’s great about a bike at Christmas? It’s timeless. All of us wanted a bike when we were little. The kids still want the bikes,” Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt said.

One of the ways the USO engages in serving children of military service members is through the “That’s My Ride” program, which provides an opportunity for volunteers to donate a bicycle.

According to the USO website, “At USO sponsored military appreciation events and throughout the holidays, children of military families (ages 2-8) are presented with a brand new bike, helmet, and instruction manuals for safe cycling.”


"This program engages the entire military family from picking out a bike to learning how to ride, parents can encourage children while at home or away, further boosting morale and strengthening their family relationship."

For the upcoming holiday season, Fox staffers teamed up with the USO to build bikes of all sizes for the children of service members.

Host Brian Kilmeade noted how satisfying it is for parents to see their child learn how to ride without training wheels.