Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn told "Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream" Thursday that a vaccine to combat the coronavirus is likely a year away.

"So we have authorized two clinical trials for vaccines. One is already going and has been for the last month. And that's really good news because this virus was only really identified back in January. So really lightning speed for getting this forward," Hahn said. "We want to ramp up manufacturing as soon as possible, as soon as we know that the virus can be ready to go so that it can be available as soon as possible."


"Right now, we're looking at 12 months for the development of a vaccine, but we're pushing very hard," Hahn said. "Everybody is, it's an all of America, all of government approach on this to try to get it going as quickly as possible."

Hahn also commented on the only FDA authorized home testing kit for the virus, one that will be shipped to the patient to administer themselves after they fill out a questionnaire.

"Now, it's really important because, number one, this can be done at home and can be done safely. It's very comfortable for the patients compared to the previous tests where it went up further in the nose, "Hahn said. "And it also protects the health care workers. So they don't need to be present for this actually to be done."


Hahn warned viewers that there is only one test that is approved to be administered at home.

"So folks may be hearing about other tests," Hahn said. "This is the only one is from LabCorp. So be very suspicious of advertisements around any other tests that might be out there."