CNN's "State of the Union" was charged with engaging in dramatic "theater" over the weekend after a televised interview with Vice President Harris showed host Dana Bash seated on the opposite side of the room, despite both she and Harris having received the coronavirus vaccine. 

In the interview Sunday, Harris publically addressed the border crisis and admitted that the situation would not be "solved overnight." While the interview was wide-ranging in nature, critics couldn't help but notice the comically large distance between Bash and Harris.


"Can you scooch back just a little?" one user joked. "Thanks! Little more though? Now just scooch a bit more. Juuust a bit more. Scooch a touch more? Thanks, a little more. CAN YOU HEAR ME? I SAID A BIT MORE! Can she [see] me waving my hand? Call her cell. Kamala? It's Dana, can you scooch a bit more?"

"They’re freaking vaccinated," another added.

The CDC announced last month that fully vaccinated people could begin to gather indoors with other fully vaccinated people without masks. The agency also suggested that vaccinated individuals mingling indoors with unvaccinated individuals who are considered low-risk for severe COVID-19 infection, pose a low risk.

Despite this, Harris and Bash appeared more than 12 feet apart from one another, setting off a flurry of social media reactions. 

"They're further apart than two kids dancing at a church social," one user wrote. 

"Given how unnecessary this is, we can only assume that the Democrats have something to gain by keeping people unreasonably anxious and afraid of Covid. Why else would they insist on adopting this kind of theater and making it part of the Democratic brand?" another concurred. 

"Grab some popcorn it’s all theatre," another agreed.

Republicans have criticized Harris for not taking a trip to the border or holding a press conference in the month since President Biden dubbed her the point person for the U.S. response to a record surge in migrants.

The White House has emphasized Harris’ role is to address root causes of migration, and she is instead taking trips to Latin American countries to meet with leaders.

By a stark 46-15 percent margin, voters say U.S. border security is worse today than it was two years ago, according to the latest Fox News survey.