NBC host Chuck Todd had some scathing criticism for President Joe Biden after a series of repeated setbacks over the weekend.

Todd appeared as a guest on NBC’s "Sunday Today with Willie Geist" to discuss Biden’s repeated political failings including the failed Kabul drone strike, France’s recalling of its U.S. ambassadors, and the FDA’s rejection of booster shots for COVID-19 for people under 65. Since Biden is planning to speak to the United Nations on Tuesday, Geist questioned what people should expect from the president.

"How is the White House managing all this, and what do you expect to hear from the president at the UN on Tuesday?" Geist asked.


Todd, in contrast to his previous view of the Afghanistan withdrawal, admitted that Biden has "a pretty big credibility crisis" after the past weekend.

"Well, look, I think he’s got a pretty big credibility crisis on his hands because all of these problems in some ways showed up after he said something basically the exact opposite," Todd said.

In addition to the past weekend’s difficulties, Todd also included the border crisis as a "bigger problem" for the Biden administration.

"And of course, the border. We can talk about the border problems, you could say they’re years in the making, but it’s pretty clear that we have a bigger problem now than we’ve had in years, and these policies have turned it into becoming a magnet," Todd said.

From there, Todd posed that Biden has "a lot of work to do" to salvage credibility on the world stage through his UN speech.

"He’s got a lot of work to do. The UN speech, look, he’s got some credibility issues on the world stage. [He has] to make sure that people still view America as a, not just a stable democracy, but a competent leader of the free world right now. So look, he’s got a lot of work to do," Todd said."


Finally, Todd did offer some optimism for the president by advising him to focus on the Democrats’ upcoming $3.5 trillion spending bill and its chances passing Congress.

"I think the next month’s probably still going to be tough for him politically because he’s got to get this big bill through Congress. If he can get that thing passed, Willie, I think he can start to take a few breaths here a little bit, but he’s got a lot on the line here this month. That’s for sure," Todd said.

President Biden will address the United Nations for the first time since taking office on Tuesday.