Author Noelle Mering joined "Fox News Primetime" Thursday to discuss how Christians should respond to wokeness infiltrating many aspects of daily life. 

Noelle Mering, author of "Awake Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology" told host Rachel Campos-Duffy that the war against Wokeness is a spiritual battle more than a political one.

Mering said that fighting back against wokeness requires a "resolute, practical and political response," adding that she tries to promote a positive vision for the "beauty and goodness of family life." 

"I think [the nuclear family structure] been branded as being something ‘oppressive’ and something that doesn't lead to freedom when actually it is the ultimate way that we can feel belonging and feel the real freedom that comes from the intimacy of being known and seeing our faults and struggling against them and then being able to look with the eyes of mercy more upon the other person because we see our own need for mercy," Mering said.

"And if the person is deprived of it, they go looking for it somewhere and looking for a facsimile of it."

Campos-Duffy remarked that if the family is the true opponent of the woke, then it is no wonder those in power are trying to break the bond between humans and their families, and in some cases replace it with government.

"I think what we're seeing is a whole host of old utopian fantasies that have been tried and failed time and again with spectacularly disastrous results. And I think this is what happens when we stop referencing God. We don't lose our religion, we just relocate it," Mering added.


"We make the state our savior and politics our new religion, and with disastrous results. And it's a harsh religion, one without mercy and one which defines us not by the love of God, but rather by the hatred of mankind. And I think it makes us miserable."

"I think we see people saying ‘enough’ we don't want the fantasy, doesn't fulfill us, we want what is true and we want to speak it and we want to live in it," she concluded.