In her commentary on "Fox News Primetime" Monday, host Rachel Campos-Duffy said that after two years, "little has changed in the fight against COVID," and that for Democrats, lockdowns are about control. 

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY, HOST: Nearly two years of lockdowns masks and mandates from the left, yet little has changed in the fight against COVID. Twelve months into Biden’s push to vaccinate all of America, and we are actually worse off than before. Last Friday, the U.S. recorded over 830,000 COVID cases, which is a massive jump from the 270,000 on that same day in 2021. It seems no matter what the Democrats try to do, their plan is not working. But they won’t let a little failure stop them. 

This morning, Joe Biden’s sweeping vaccine mandate on private businesses with over 100 employees went into effect. Millions of Americans will now have to choose between getting the jab or keeping their job. But Biden's demand is so unconstitutional that the Supreme Court is currently debating whether it can even proceed. 

But this isn't about COVID for the Democrats. It's about control. They want the great reset, which is to remake society as they see fit. And COVID gave them the perfect excuse.