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Country music star Brad Paisley joined "The Daily Briefing" Wednesday to discuss his non-profit grocery store in Nashville, which gives those in need of financial assistance the opportunity to shop for necessities while maintaining their personal "dignity of choice."

The "Country Nation" singer told host Dana Perino on that he and his wife Kimberly Williams Paisley opened the free grocery store -- a partnership with Belmont University and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee -- about a week before "all hell broke loose" with coronavirus in mid-March.

"There's never been a bigger boom time," he said, "and we are at three times [the traffic] what we've expected immediately and it's growing every week."

Paisley said that many families in need may feel a sense of failure to provide for their children and explained that his operation -- called "The Store" -- lets parents retain the dignity of choosing what to feed their family or allowing their family to choose what they want to eat.


"You want a kid to not feel that pressure," the West Virginia native said, adding that the idea came from a similar operation he and his family visited in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The coronavirus pandemic has led "The Store" to alter its model, and the "Mud on the Tires" singer told Perino that he is now delivering food to the elderly and homebound in the region.

Paisley also discussed his latest release, "No 'I' in Beer," which he claimed was supposed to be a drinking song or upbeat 'fight song' -- along the lines of hits like "Crushin' It" and "American Saturday Night" -- but became a tune of unity because of the coronavirus.


Paisley said he hopes "No 'I' in Beer" becomes a message of "solidarity, and getting through this" rough time.

"Wherever you are tonight/Whatever you're going through/Grab a long neck bottle or a big ol' pint/And let's all have a few," the lyrics go.

"Cause we're all in this together/To me, it's all so clear/Drinking ought to be a team effort/There is no 'I' in beer."