A recent report revealed the Biden administration has plans to work with tech companies and SMS carriers to monitor and combat misinformation, which was immediately met with skepticism and criticism by Republican lawmakers

On Monday, Politico reported plans from the Biden administration to battle misinformation in regards to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

"The White House has decided to hit back harder on misinformation and scare tactics after Republican lawmakers and conservative activists pledged to fight the administration’s stated plans to go ‘door-to-door’ to increase vaccination rates," Politico wrote. "The pushback will include directly calling out social media platforms and conservative news shows that promote such tactics."

The article continues how pro-Biden groups and the Democratic National Committee will work with SMS carriers to "dispel misinformation" in peoples' private text messages. 

"Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages," Politico reports. 


"NEW: Bidenworld is taking a more aggressive approach to combat vaccine fear-mongering by conservative forces. That includes– Calling on SMS carriers to mete out false messages – urging social media platforms to fact-check w/@EugeneDaniels2," Politico reporter Natasha Korecki wrote. 

Several Republican lawmakers reacted to the Biden administration's alleged plan. 

"Biden’s regime has announced they’ll be working with SMS providers to stop vaccine ‘misinformation’ spread via text messages. This is on the same day the White House said they support local officials who implement mandatory vaccines. No wonder they can’t condemn Communism," Rep Lauren Boebert, Colo., said.

"Please tell me this is a typo," Rep. Thomas Massie, Ky., tweeted. 

"So now the Biden Administration wants to get into people’s text messages … to force vaccine compliance and who knows what else," Sen. Josh Hawley, Mo., said. 

Several reporters also expressed disbelief in the Biden administration's plan. 

"Sorry, just making sure I have this straight: The DNC now wants companies to police text messages for content?" Daily Caller contributor Vince Coglianese tweeted.

Commentary associate editor and MSNBC contributor Noah Rothman tweeted, "Yes, we can allay the concerns of the excessively paranoid by...tracking the content they send via text message."


This report followed the backlash President Joe Biden faced upon announcing a "door-to-door" push to encourage vaccination among unvaccinated populations. Several critics were quick to attack this initiative as well.