Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told "Fox & Friends" on Friday that the Biden administration is only using words and not taking any significant actions against Russia. Pompeo said Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to "push to the brink" in Ukraine to get what he wants.

MIKE POMPEO: You have more words from the Biden administration, no actions, no demonstrated resolve and I think you see Vladimir Putin observing that. He’s going to push to accomplish either a diplomatic outcome he couldn’t achieve otherwise or to actually retake some of Ukraine like he did when President Obama was in charge and President Biden was then our vice president.

I think Vladimir Putin watches what happens with this administration, watches what happens in Afghanistan. We think of these as separate but they’re deeply connected. And you’ll remember the Russian history there where they were drummed out of Afghanistan. He watches the Americans lose 13 soldiers as we depart Afghanistan in a way that was a total debacle. He sees weak leadership, he doesn’t see us defending our values, and I think he’s prepared to push this issue with Ukraine to the brink to get what Vladimir Putin wants.