"Fox News Primetime" host Rachel Campos-Duffy reviewed Joe Biden’s rough week highlighted by his push to pass Democratic voting rights bills comparing opponents to segregationists, and the Supreme Court blocking his vaccine mandate for large businesses.

RACHEL CAMPOS DUFFY: The president hadn’t had a week like this since disgraceful and deadly retreat from Kabul [Afghanistan]. He saw his entire agenda fall apart in real-time these past seven days and even someone as out of it as "Sleepy Joe" has to realize things are getting bad. On Monday the U.S. shattered records with over 1.3 million COVID cases in a single day. For the guy who promised America he would shut down the virus, it seems like he is doing the exact opposite, so Biden’s week started off 0 for 1. On Tuesday, things only got worse for the embattled president. Biden went down to Georgia to attack the filibuster. Biden’s speech caught flak from both sides of the aisle as he trashed Senate rules and looked to smear any American who cares about election integrity as a racist. So, if you are keeping score at home. That’s 0 and 2 Biden this week. If you thought they were getting any better as the week moved on, think again. On Wednesday the Labor Department announced the consumer price index jumped 7% in December. The worst since 1982. Thanks to Biden’s poor economic policies, prices are the highest they have been in 40 years.