Rep. Kat Cammack traced the nationwide shortage of baby formula back to the Biden administration Thursday on "Hannity."

REP. CAMMACK: It points to what a total dumpster fire the Biden administration truly is. The Biden administration is responsible for this formula shortage. Back in November, their own FDA shut the number one manufacturer of baby formula down on a tip with no plan to backfill the 43% that this manufacturer is a part of the market share. So, again, typical Biden administration - no plan, no contingencies, no way to backfill 43% of our nation's supply of baby formula. Yet just today, I'm getting word from Border Patrol agents that there is a tractor trailer full of pallets of baby formula sitting in that storeroom. Come on, now. This is exactly what "America last" looks like. You've got parents panicking, kids getting sick, and the humanitarian mission at the border. The agents are doing the best job that they can, but, man, their hands are tied. 

Again, "America last" - that is what the Biden administration is all about. And you said that the DHS headquarters hadn't got[ten] back to you with a comment. I heard tonight that they have prohibited rank and file Border Patrol agents from going into those storerooms because they're panicked that we have exposed this "America last" agenda. This has to stop. We need to put our kids first and this has to end. Biden's got to go. November's coming.