Beto O'Rourke insists Trump is the 'Russian asset' amid Clinton-Gabbard feud

White House candidate Beto O'Rourke doubled down Monday on his suggestion that President Trump is the real "Russian asset" in the election instead of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, even insisting the president has been "working" on behalf of Moscow.

Over the weekend, the former Texas congressman defended his 2020 competitor after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly suggested the Russians were "grooming" Gabbard to run a third-party candidacy in 2020.

"I think I could play into this false media narrative that seeks to pit Democrats against one another over a spurious allegation, or we can focus on the fact that there is a Russian asset in the White House right now doing the bidding of a foreign power against the interests of America," O'Rourke said on MSNBC.

On Monday, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked O'Rourke if he had "any evidence" to back up his claim.

"As a candidate in 2016, he asked on a stage for all the public to see for Russia to find Hillary Clinton's emails. We know that Russia followed suit that very day, agents began to track down Hillary Clinton's emails," O'Rourke responded. "We saw him as president on that stage in Helsinki, Finland, next to Vladimir Putin, defending the leader of Russia that had invaded and attacked our country instead of the intelligence community here in the United States."


After listing accusations of "obstructing justice" in former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report, and noting how the president asked Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens, O'Rourke told Blitzer he knew "beyond the shadow of a doubt" that Trump has "taken the side of Russia" instead of the U.S.

"Are you suggesting that he's getting orders from Moscow?" Blitzer asked.

"I'm suggesting he's working in the interests of Russia and defying the interests of the United States," O'Rourke replied. "It seems very obvious to me that he's working at the best interest of that country against the best interest of this country."


"So, you're not backing away from your accusation that he's a Russian asset," Blitzer followed.

"I think he's working at the best interest of Russia working counter to the interest of this country," O'Rourke reiterated.