Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus at the Daily Wire, reacted Monday to Associated Press report that former Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich may be speaking at the Democratic National Convention in support of presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

The AP reported that, according to a person with direct knowledge of the plans, the former 2016 Republican presidential candidate is among a handful of high-profile GOP members likely to become more active in supporting Biden in the fall.

"Did he ever stop running for president? Did he officially drop out in 2016 or is he still actually running?" asked Shapiro.

The commentator joked that Kasich has likely been a regular guest of honor at "rubber chicken dinners" where he gives speeches "no one listens to."

He also asked where Kasich's political niche would actually be in the DNC:

"My goodness, where is the groundswell in Democratic Party circles -- like oh my God, John Kasich is coming -- I'm so excited I can't wait for John Kasich to speak -- Words said by No one in the history of man."

Kasich has long had a rocky relationship with President Trump, notably joining calls for his impeachment in 2019.


More recently, Kasich has been more diplomatic in comments about the president, telling CNN after one of Trump's coronavirus-related speeches that the New York Republican was "fine."

"Look, I watched the address tonight and I thought it was fine. He did fine," Kasich said at the time. "I'm glad he did the address tonight and I think that was important."

Fox News' Joseph Wulfsohn and The Associated Press contributed to this report.