Fox News contributor and host of "Fox News Primetime" Ben Domenech opened Monday's show exposing what the Left intends with "wokeness" and why Americans must stay "wide awake."

BEN DOMENECH: The irony of the term "woke" is that it is designed to keep you asleep—asleep to the reality of what’s going on around you, sedated from having to do anything to fix a real problem.  

Woke messaging demands you obey and break faith with your heritage of freedom but it also serves as a religion that demands little more than that obedience.   

So, to take just one example of thousands that surround us, wokeness means you don’t have to ask the hard questions about how public schools fail Black and Hispanic Americans - just accept the narrative of systemic racism in your heart as your Lord and savior.   


There is nothing new under the sun. Today, once again, the woke want you asleep, locked down, docile, tamed, subdued. They want you to turn away from the truth and embrace a comforting lie.  

But it is time. It is time for all of us as free citizens to wake up. It is time to demand our leaders wake up. It is time to turn to your fellow citizens and ask them: Are you woke… or are you wide awake?