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Cuba hit with major protests calling for end to communist regime

Cubans took to the streets in Havana on Sunday to rail against food shortages and high prices amid the coronavirus crisis, in one of biggest anti-government demonstrations in memory.


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Biden national security adviser warns against violent crackdown

President Biden’s top national security adviser took to Twitter late Sunday to state that the U.S. stands behind “freedom of expression and assembly” in Cuba and warned against a violent crackdown. 

Jake Sullivan said the U.S. would “strongly condemn any violence or targeting of peaceful protesters who are exercising their universal rights.” 

Sen. Ted Cruz, the son of a Cuban immigrant, took to Twitter on Sunday in support of the thousands of protesters that took to the streets in Havana to rail against the worsening conditions in the communist country.

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Bernie Sanders silent on Cuban pro-freedom uprisings after praising Fidel Castro's communist policie

As thousands of protesters took to the streets of Cuba Sunday evening calling for an end to the country's communist regime, U.S. lawmakers are speaking out on social media in solidarity with the demonstrations.However, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who has previously defended some of the policies of Cuba's previous communist dictator Fidel Castro, has not yet issued a statement.

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Video emerges of mass protests against communist dictatorship in Cuba: 'We are not afraid

U.S. officials on both sides of the political aisle issued statements on social media expressing their support of the demonstrations and expressed solidarity with the people of Cuba. They also shared footage, where protestors can be heard chanting "we are not afraid."

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