Wedding usher feels bride tricked him into paying hundreds of dollars for food: 'I feel used, humiliated'

After feeling tricked into paying hundreds of dollars and not getting paid back for his friend’s wedding, a slighted usher is wondering how close he really is with the groom.

The slighted friend shared his story on Reddit, where he explained that the groom had left him out of his wedding party, even though the two had been “best friends since high school.” When he was asked to be an usher, however, he happily said yes, not realizing that his troubles were only starting to begin.

Posting under the name Lolusher, the poster explained that things started to feel weird when he was left out of the rehearsal dinner. The post explained, “Morning of the wedding comes around and I'd still not received any details on what ushering is going to be like, or what time I should show up to the reception to start helping. Then Bride messages me asking for a favor.”


Apparently, the happy couple had forgotten “about the appetizers and needed someone to pick them up. Can I do this for a bride, on her wedding day? Sure. Oh, one more thing, the order hasn't been paid, but they'll give me money at the ceremony, or pay me back at the reception. Sure.”

After the ceremony, instead of hanging out with his friends who were also at the wedding, the poster drove off to pick up the appetizers. “Thank God I played as much Tetris as I have,” the story continued, “because fitting all that in my car in such a way that they wouldn't otherwise topple and ruin the wedding was an all-time high score achievement. I text the bride to let her know we've got everything together and I'd see them at the reception.”

Apparently, the bride didn’t respond to this message.

The man who posted the story claimed that his best friend's wedding ended with him feeling "used, humiliated, upset, and incredulous."

The man who posted the story claimed that his best friend's wedding ended with him feeling "used, humiliated, upset, and incredulous." (iStock, File)

“I get to the reception venue expecting a bustling crew of event organizers and family to receive me and help bring the food in,” he continued. Instead, he claimed he had to carry all of the appetizers in by himself.

According to the post, the reception came and went without anyone offering him any money for the food. After the party, the poster went back to the hotel to hang out with the groom at his invitation. When the poster mentioned picking up some food, “the bride’s cousin overhears and asks me to buy her food too. Sure. Then she asks the room at large who'd like food. Now I'm buying food for almost the whole after party. Cousin says she'll Venmo me when I get back, and she'll pay for everyone’s stuff. Sure.”


Unfortunately, when the poster got back with the food, he found the cousin who promised to pay passed out. “Drunken guests grab whatever food they see,” he continued. “The groom walks up to me, burger in hand and says he's actually really tired so he's going to go pass out, but thanks for the food and help, and then leaves. I grab my food, take the elevator to the first-floor hotel cafeteria, & eat alone, upset, in silence. At this point, I'm out $500 for the appetizers, $80 for the late-night food run, and am pretty sure that I never really had a best friend to begin with. I feel used, humiliated, upset, and incredulous.”

Commenters on Reddit generally agreed that the original poster should get paid back and that he shouldn’t feel weird asking for the money.

“Text the groom and bride that you have yet to be paid for the apps and food that you were asked to pick-up and were promised to be paid,” one user commented. “Do not take no for an answer. If ignored FB, twitter and other various forms of SNS at one-week intervals.”


“Text the Groom about when you can expect payment for the appetizers,” another user added. “Once you're paid, step away from this friendship. And why should you worry about insulting the groom? He wasn't worried about insulting you with his behavior. You can be honest without being cruel. Just because his feelings are hurt doesn't mean you're a jerk.”

Some users, however, wondered if the original poster had an accurate view of his friendship with the groom.


“There definitely is more to this story than he is letting on,” one of the commenters wrote. “His friend still treated him very poorly, don't get me wrong. But the original poster sounds like he has quite a few issues dealing with his emotions and reactions. Clearly he's not actually as close to this friend as he is portraying. Perhaps his friend has lots of other friends that are closer to him than the original poster is, who probably doesn't really have any other friends.”

According to an update from the original poster, he eventually received the money he was owed, but only after reaching out and asking for it.